Donor Stories

A Life Lived with Purpose, and Left with Meaning

Cheri Sanderson

Following Bob Sanderson's battles with cancer, he and his wife, Cheri, tapped into that very personal experience and realized they wanted to help kids struggling through similar challenges. Now, their compassion and generosity will impact the lives of countless children who receive care at Cardon Children's Medical Center. Read More

Gift Honors a Beloved Wife and a Life Well-Lived

Marty Tanona

Marty Tanona spent his career as a selfless community servant, but his proudest accomplishment was being a doting husband to his wife, Arlene. The pair lived a near fairytale life—until Arlene was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Together, they spent 135 days at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center as she battled the disease. Read More

Choose Your Beneficiaries and Leave a Legacy Unique to You

Angie Rafferty

Angie Rafferty's life was touched by several Banner Health facilities. Angie worked as a night telephone operator at Banner Baywood Medical Center beginning in the early 2000s and she was treated at Banner Gateway Medical Center for a brain tumor, which eventually took her life. Read More

Achieve the Results You Envision, Even After You're Gone

Norma Mercer

Norma Mercer was born in 1913 and grew up in Montana. A former teacher, she and her husband Don planned to retire in Texas until a visit to Mesa along the route changed her mind. As a longtime Mesa resident, Norma always had a special place in her heart for the health care facilities in her community, believing everyone deserves good medical care close to home. Read More

Plan a Legacy That Helps Put a Stop to a Disease That Has Affected Your Life

John Hardison

John Hardison was a prostate cancer patient who began his treatment at MD Anderson in Houston. After seeing a commercial for Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, he moved his care to Arizona. John donated a substantial portion of his assets to prostate cancer research, with Banner MD Anderson among the selected beneficiaries. Read More

Join the Fight to End Alzheimer's Disease

Nancy Teets

Nancy Teets made a generous gift to benefit the Family and Family Community Services Program at Banner Alzheimer's Institute, in honor of her late husband, John. Read More